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The Centre located in Tipperary Town, Co.Tipperary, Ireland, has initiated Tipperary Dance Residency in 2008 together with South Tipperary County Council Arts Service. Both have continuously supported and funded the project since then.

The Centre’s Simon Ryan Theatre and the dance studio are the core of Tipperary Dance Residency, and a home for most dance activities in the Residency, including principally research and performances of Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company, Tipperary Dance Platform, a part of the Dance in Schools programme, the TRY! Residencies scheme, international residencies. The Centre, as a venue and resource for dance, is at the heart of the project to develop contemporary dance in Tipperary.

Providing adequate space and equipment for professional companies for both production and performances, the Centre is a wonderful opportunity for the County and town’s cultural development, and for Dance in general. Tipperary Dance Residency is working to exploit the Centre’s potential and make it a resource for dance, acknowledged nationally and internationally.

Download: Tipperary Excel Centre technical specifications

The Excel website : www.tipperary-excel.com


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